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Born in Nevis W.I, Travis Weekes has talent. He has the ability to be spontaneous and innovative. With a captivating style, & ability to be diverse, yet still able to fuse unique sounds into beats. Most people said he has a weird knack of creating beats and started T3 Records as just as a producer. Travis accredits a lot of his innovative style to Jamaican super star Selector Bam Bam. The highly Acclaimed reggae mega star was responsible somewhat, for fulfilling Travis desire to mix dub and soca, early in his musical career. Travis can be credited for performances with Chucky Star at the Zone, and record label David Radigan Sound System, one of England most reputable Sound System, Vybez Kartel, Dolla Cham, DJ Loudmouth just to name a few. In 2000 Travis recorded his first single, Drama which was a huge hit in London (Ice Cold Productions). In 2003 he was live in featured shows with Soca Flavas in the U.S shows like Square One, Bunji Garlin, Steven Q, Destra and TC.

Da Artists:

Shuffle Alliance

Travis "Tigga" Weekes

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James "SDK" Kincaid

Born in St Thomas, but was in raised Nevis this young girl shares her talent gene with the owner of T3 Records. Being the younger sister of Travis she also wants to follow her brother's foot steps in help the T3 records to be on top. Being in the choir in church & in school, she has developed her own voice not only is it soft & sweet, but powerful make her voice stand out when it need to be. Not to stand in her brother's shadow K.D new single forever wowed people showing her unique style. so check out her flare in her first new single " Forever".

Jay " Skeez" C.EO of BCP

Shuffle Alliance is a group of local talent that Travis started in 06.Travis wanted to show the world that West Indian people have talent, & can make hot music that is not just soca & reggae. So with combination of Max Glazer of Federation Sound along with Travis and James producing the hot tracks the group came to light putting local artist around the Caribbean region on those beats.

Their first album DA COMING in 05 reached gold, they also reached platinum with there second album PARTYZONE in 07 and doing more shows in the eastern coast of the United States than just the Caribbean. So watch out for Local motion Band taking world by storm as it s main goal

Jay “Skeez” the C.E.O & main music producer of Bull City Productionz (BCP). BCP is the next Industry Powerhouse to come from the Dirty South. Makin' Quality Music is what we pride ourselves on. I'm from Bull City So that's where the Name comes from cause I represent Bull City to the fullest. But I Also represent Carolina all the way live, So I don't just limit myself to one city. So keep ya ear to the streetz cause that's where you'll find Bull City Productionz.

Local Motion Band

Local Motion Band is composed of 17 regular musicians around the Caribbean some times linking up with soca stars to give you the sound of the whole West Indies. Travis, Dan Rogers and other musicians came up with the idea to do a soca band nothing big just to doing a Caribbean soca band around carnival time in Miami. Gorge Kay form B.M.G (British Music Group) International heard some songs and ask for demo from the two. Liking what he heard, he had them a sign contract to do a three album deal with B.M.G & Local Motion Band was born. Local Motion Band showed the fast drums and word play of eastern Caribbean, the horn play and casual calypso of central Caribbean and the slow, smooth and reggae style of the western Caribbean to cerate their own style of their own.


The fresh new talent that give it his all in his songs, from club bangers to suductive RnB B$elf has a powerful game when it come to music.

Band Members :

Mangers: Travis Weekes &Dan RogersKeyboard, Drum Marchine:Phil Roland1st Bass Guitar : Danny Derma2nd Bass Guitar: Terry Logan1st Guitar: Kevin Key2nd Guitar: Dan RogersDrums: Derrick JamesHorns: Tyrone Mills,Devon Hazel, Richard LowsKenny FobsVocals: Patrica WillaimsZola Maze, Travis Weekes,& Dan Rogers

Guest Artists:

Here we acknowledge most of the people we have worked with over the years.

Bam Bam, Omega, Baby Blue, A Dot, Lexi Lee, Next Man, Dice, Rihanna, Alex, M.I.A, Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Ludacris, MiMS, Talib Kweli, Allison Hinds, Square One, Bunji Garlin, Steven Q, Destra, TC, Kolours Band, Machel Mantano, Silm , Nitro, Triple E, Shontelle, Tender T, Max Glazer, Blacker Chino, Shui, Kat DeLuna, Candy Hill, Vybez Kartel, Dolla Cham, DJ Loudmouth, Black Chiney, Tami Chynn, Dawg E. Slaughter, Fayne-Ann Lyons, Patrica Roberts, Ce’Cile, Walshy Killa, T.O.K, Danger D, Busta Rhymes, Zion, Jah Reese, Mighty Crown, Champion Squad, Cham, Binnie Man, Kardinal Offical, X-Files, Luddy, Cross Movements, Vp Records & Reach Records. For those we miss, you know who you are & we say thank s for help T3 Records to get off the ground & give us alittle of your star power.

Leslie Elly-Yess"

Born in New York but brings her Haitian heritage to the forefront. Elly a very talent musician, she pours her heart and soul in to her music. Mostly doing Neo soul & R & B she brings an dynamic style to rapping and her poetry. Also producing her own music she is skillful pianist & a master lyricist as her song more than make you think but touches your soul. Check the new member to T3 Records Elly-yess and her new track "Instant Classic".

Born in Barbados W.I, James wanted to show his talent of Hip Hop. With the industry gathering momentum this man has his sights set on being executive producer of his own work. After the collective struggle of the local hip hop community for airplay, local and regional fans have fallen instep with James and the pace of his development as an artiste. With the Barbadian music scene properly stirred up and given more of the hip hop flavor, since joining up with T3. James is ready to take his brand of the art form around the world. But keeps it all in perspective: "I'm just fortunate that people happen to like what I do. Even dem haters like what LOL!!

Khadijah "K.D" Weekes

From first time Artist like Omega, Next Man, Dice to Caribbean stars like Rihanna, Sean Paul, & Elephant Man. Also with B.M.G massive out reach to stars like Ludacris, MiMS, Talib Kweli & much more when need to.

Eric Tombs born in Atlanta GA. is a talent musician. Not only he play mean guitar he also carry down home voice that is pleasing to the ear. hooking up with T3 producer Tigga he want to do much more that southern music. with the style & backings of T3 he is more than ready to take alternative rock to a new high. check out is new single & self name Album Belong to U.

Eric Tombs

Ariel Givens born in hot Miami FL. a young singer with a style of her own. Being a mix of french & black her style of music is the same with a mix of Hip Hop & RnB with Trance & Techno. being one T3 and Shuffle Alliance's new member she rasie the style & unique flavors of T3 records. just check out her new Trap hit "Crazy"

Ariel Givens

Rafijah Siano



A young lady with a great voice and feel for the music that she sings. Repping N.C L.S is about to shine and show the world what she got with her debt single "Shine".

The fresh new voice that pull you in to his music, putting heart & soul in his songs . The right person to set mood in soulful song or to get the party started with a club bangers .


Don't let the suit and cool demeanor fool you Bace has a sharp tongue and mean flow. A real skillful artist on the mic. He can be smooth but comes hard when the time present itself.

To get his hot single click here

D- Ca$h aka Ickadeen Jr , born In N.C relocated to Atlanta G.A to help put his company UGI Records on the map. His lyrical style of hip hop & club bangers are one of a kind. Under UGI Records D- Cash & B-Self anlong T3 Records promises to keep real music alive.

In 2012 the year of T3 Tempo FM gave Travis the chance at his own style of radio show called Radio T3, in which Travis broadcast the best in Indie music of all genre, artist interview, and speaking out on social interest. In the 2 years of show Radio T3 has averaging over 5 million listeners world-wide and give a peak into unknow artist to keep an eye on. And also step it up as an artist with hits like Reggae Party, Not my Wife, Hands up, Da Coming, Blaze, 10 Years, and Hit em wit Da Bass just to name a few.

Korie Richards, from Queens, NY is the founder of Passionate Butterfly, a new and unique female empowerment organization and clothing line and also of Mass Approve, a male clothing line promoting positive males. Korie's website is inspiring, motivational, and uplifting filled with music, art, and empowering poems. Her main reason for creating Passionate Butterfly with its motto of beauty, strength, and passion was to motivate and strengthen all females who are trying to accomplish their goals and dreams, leave abusive situations, or simply just to enjoy a relaxing website. It is for the many females going through and overcoming life's hurdles.

Passionate Butterfly recognizes a female's strength and reminds her that she can accomplish what ever she chooses, as long as she "trusts her wings". Passionate Butterfly also focuses on domestic violence and the victims of domestic violence because many women are involved in abusive relationships and need to be strengthened and motivated to leave their abuser. She is proud to share Passionate Butterfly with others and hope that it can change lives, uplift self esteems, and enlighten all who experience it.

Korie Richards

Radio T3 Co-Host

Artists Associate:

A young artist specialising in Spoken Word, UK Hip Hop and UK Grime who grew up around old school UK Rappers like Million Dan and singers such as Keisha White. Started writing from seven years old and started writing lyrics from eleven years old. Alpha Disciple was part of the Roundhouse Wax Lyrical Collective where he performed in the same stage space as Jamie Cullen

Alpha Disciple 


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