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Da Music

Also mix it up with local selector & Caribbean Djs like Max Glazer, Mighty Crown, DJ Loudmouth, Walshy Killa, Dolla Cham and Black Chiney. T3 records over the years has T3 as produce some hot riddims from Dwali , Steps & 85 for reggae star like Sean Paul, Vybez Kartel, Elephant man, T.O.K, Tami Chynn, & Ce’Cile to hip hop and R&B beat for Next man, Rihanna, Baby Blue, Nate, Candy Hill and much more. The best example of that would the 2007 Shuffle Alliance Album Unity Sound.

Da Music:

From 2000 T3 Records has brought the world great music.So here is a look at our music history

Riddims & Beats

From since 2000 T3 Records has brought the world great music. As Travis started out as a producer. He had the ability to be spontaneous and innovative. With a captivating style, & ability to be diverse, yet still able to fuse unique sounds into beats. Most people said he has a weird knack of creating beats. With the collaboration of Federation Sound, Green sleeves, VP records and more T3 records has made a name for itself.

Unity Sound is the debut album of the Shuffle Alliance. Unity sound showed the world that West Indian people have talent, & can make hot music that is not just soca & reggae. So with combination of Max Glazer of Federation Sound along with Travis and James producing the hot tracks the group came to light putting local artist around the Caribbean region on those beats. From first time Artist like Omega, Next Man, Dice to Caribbean stars like Rihanna, Sean Paul, & Elephant Man. Also with stars like Ludacris, MiMS, Talib Kweli. Also the album has reach platinum status and won 2007 best collaboration at Global Guild Music Awards.

Along with the Shuffle Allance T3 Records also help our fellow UK mates, as they did for the Unity Sound Album as Baby Blue and Nutty P give a hard life story of the music world in their album the Musical.

With style of Nutty P , Tigga, SDK, Pyrelli and Swiss bring old show tunes and movie track to be re done in upbeat and refresh hip hop sound. And with Baby Blue and P’s lyrical style brings you to unique and enjoyable album with great bonus tracks like London remix. New tracks from the Swiss and Bishop- International Shit produce by SDK. While Pyrelli with D.N.D (Lazy Boy) new track produce by Tigga.Check out

Unity Sound

The Musical

Da Coming the debut album form new and fresh Caribbean band that started from the UK. Local Motion Band is a band composed of 17 musicians oddly form by BMG trying to make a named for them self. They have creative style of Caribbean music called calypso. The album takes you to the festive shores of the islands with tracks like.

Our County, First time & Jammers to the relax feeling of the tranquil atmosphere with Caribbean Feeling & No Negative Vibes. it's just great music as you hear the jamboree of instruments from Horns to guitars come together to give a great style of the islands.A 4/5 a good album to listen, to get the feel of the Carribbean.

-Johanna LindseyWorld Genre Editor, AMG

Da Coming

Partyzone is the sophomore album of Local Motion Band. The title basically says it all as it is a collaboration of unique sound form the Caribbean. The band composed of 17 musician bring you the carnival atmosphere that make you want to party or go to the Caribbean to experience the fun of carnival festival for your self. The band plays local folk music called calypso or soca.

With hot songs that make you want to move your body like Shake it, Jump, & Hands Up to great casual song like Summertime, Carnival, Our year. From their theme song Partyzone to their song showing their Music strength Bad Like We. This is an album I would recommend to any one

-DJ ZimmiEPump Beats Show Tempo FM


Comming Soon:

Loose Control

Bcp Vol 1 & 2






Since 2006 Bull City Production has risen out of the shadows of the ungrounded scene of the South to getting their songs heard around the world. There is no better proof that their summer collaboration of hits.

The North Carolina based company has bought its team of local rappers and singers in Vol 1 & 2. From Skeez, J- Note, J.K, Sapphire, Bricks, Smoke, & Dallas. Remember they just don’t put the roof on fire they burn the city up.Check out their new music myspce.


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After the quick explosions on the music scene world wide with Party zone their second album Local Motion Band is back and they bought along some friends for their third album Loose Control. Loose Control was made to help your body do just that as soca is still the main genre that the band is know for once again out did themselves on this one, mix with Euro beats & Pop . Starting off with party mix song Loose Control, & get in the partying mode with Ready to Jam.


I can’t forget the friends that help the soca stars like Marshal Mantano, Allison Hinds to star like Rihanna. As now their first singles Don’t Stop My Soca is blazing up the charts and in Europe same goes for their Euro style track Like This. So if your fan of the band or need something to move your body Loose Control is the album for you, trust me you wont be disappointed.

- Gorge Michael Editor, Tempo Mtv.



new face of music

All future projectsare now workoing progress

Their back!! Shuffle Alliance is back to give their fans a taste of what's to come. As they were working on their new project “Instant Classic” Travis thought it would be good idea to release a sampler album being that it's been three years from since Shuffle Alliance last album Unity Sound & one half years since a album from T3 records. R U Ready? is asking the fans are they ready for the return of Shuffle Alliance. This time they brought hot new tracks and new crew members along with the original team.

R U Ready?


Since being with T3 from 2008 BCP is apart of this project and introducing the new members like Elly-Yes a soulful singer, but she show her BK rapper style with the single “Instant Classic (freestyle)”. K.D Tigga's younger sister is now ready to step to the mic and show why she is fly with her debut single “Forever”. Showing that it is not all Hip Hop & RnB you got Eric Tombs bring you some alternative music to T3 with “Harmony”. Also Ariel Givens brings a touch of techno & fusion with “Beat Conductor” and soulful RnB with her single “My Mind”. Of course we can't forget the Summer dance-hall hit “Like It” the Pon De Floor Remix Featuring Tigga, Elly-yes, Sean Paul, Dice & Lexi Lee. New members, new style, new music, same Energy & passion.Buy it, turn it up and stare at the cover art. This is a very good time.


Eric Tombs

Belong to U

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Instant Classic


Their back!! Shuffle Alliance is back to give their fans a taste of of real Hip-Hop. With their new project “Instant Classic” taking the world by storm. this is the true follow up to the the platinum selling Ablum "Unity Sounds" . With All track produce by Travis , this time he brought hot new tracks and new crew members along with the original team to produce one awesome LP.

"Once again T3 Records and Shuffle Alliance has shown their versatility, as they bring their fans the 3rd Album from Shuffle Alliance " Instant Classic". Instant Classic not just a hip hop album, but a time machine back to essence of urban music. Check out T3 Record's latest album: Instant Classic. It's a refreshing mix of new school rappers and rhythm & blue singers with old school production. The simplicity of some of the beats takes you to a time where classic hits were based on genuine lyrics, and smooth flows topped a basic rhythm. The first step in bringing it back to the basics of Hip Hop. Shuffle Alliance is always up to something, and you'll fall in pure love with this Instant Classic."

-Lsia WilliamsWorld Genre Editor, AMG& Music Editor , The New Yorker

Filling a void in the Music Industry is the best way to describe “Carolina on da Map” Mixtape. This CD embodies everything that Hip Hop is missing. With HOT beats and strong lyrical content this mixtape is sure to put North Carolina on the Map. Produced by Jay Skeez CEO of BCP Multimedia with Hit Singles “Bliss” a Hot R&B Dance Song by: L. Riley, “They Know” by: artist and producer Jay Skeez, “Love it” by: Preme feat. Jay Skeez, & “Hustle Music” by: Cizzle, Preme , Koulay , & L.Riley just to name a few. Guaranteed this 21 track mixtape the 1st of a series of mixtapes will be the next big thing in Hip Hop Mixtape History, putting Carolina on the Map.

Carolina On Da Map


Soca Season Reloaded


The Season of fun is here agian as LMB forth LP will rise your sprits and get you moving on the road agian. give the fan what thay want is one of T3 Records is good at , & this album is a collection of fan favorites from the last 3 LPs remix as Road jams and new songs that shows why LMB still go hard when it comes to Soca.

-Johanna LindseyWorld Genre Editor, AMG 


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