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Our Company

T3 Records is a little record company from the Caribbean taking the world by storm with this bring the new era of Caribbean music fused into one dynamic package!!!! The fusion of Caribbean tantalizing genres of Soca, Dancehall, Reggae & Reggeaton in a blend with the influence of Hip Hop and R & B culture. T3 Records is know for their untouchable style of producing hot beats that are heard all over the world. At the top is of this company are Founder & Producer Travis Weekes a.k.a. Tigga Mon known as the Crown Prince of Soca, Hip-Hop, and R& B. James Kincaid a.k.a S.D.K, also an artist and producer. In 2002 T3 records started when both were music producers producing beats to reggae and local talent around the Caribbean for fun and some extra cash. One of Travis‘s beat was heard by Chucky Star at the Zone, and record label David Radigan Sound System, one of England most reputable Sound System Crew. Also with the help of Bam Bam Productions & B.M.G, they introduce them to new people in the industry and to a wider world market. With that said T3 records has gain recognition in the world of music as they are a part of Federation Sound Company that is helping reggae to stay in the mainstream worldwide. As together both companies bought you their new platinum selling group Shuffle Alliance. Which bring you new artist like Nitro, Danger D, Triple E, Slim, Dynamite M.C, Baby Blue & many more, as they partner up with big stars to bring you the debut album. Stars like Rihanna, Sean Paul, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Talib Kweli, Zion & many more. And with the addition Dan Rogers, a music manger & composer, he and Travis together help sign a deal with Sony B.M.G for Local Motion Band. A band that has fused Soca with Euro tracks to become one of T3 Records biggest and best selling stars. T3 records has also shown their world present as well, as they have done shows form Toronto to Florida, Jamaica to Trinidad, Germany to Italy, Hong Kong to Japan, and Australia. And we’re not done yet as the whole world is our stage.

Company Bio:

In life, opportunities sometimes avail themselves to us and it is the creator's way of telling us that this is what we are here for, or that this is our destiny. Having said this it is up to us to take it to the streets and to take the challenge to fulfill that destiny....

In 2004 T3 has just stated to get Tracks recognized in the mainstream of reggae giving beats to Sean Paul, Vybez Kartel, Elephant Man, Bennie Man, Rihanna, South Star, K.B , and Dredy Man.

-Travis Weekes


B.M.G Rising Star Awards 2004 & 2007

No surprise that we got one for 2007 as both Shuffle Alliance and Local Motion Band gained world wide status the Unity Sound & Partyzone Album took the world by Storm.


We here at T3 Records and it sponsors would like to thank everyone for supporting Shuffle Alliance album Unity Sound as it hits platinum status worldwide and as well as Local Motion Band Party zone reaching Double platinum.

Global Music Guild Awards

December 3rd, 2007 At the 45th Annual Global Music Guild Awards were the Federation Sound and T3 Records crew with 5 nominations has walked away with 3 Global Awards proving that they can be in the same lime light as mainstream artist worldwide.

As we big up our winners Shuffle Alliance won best collaboration, Travis winning one of five spots for western hemisphere songwriter and the big one going to Local Motion Band wining the 2007 group of the year. And in 2012 Shuffle Alliance won 2012 inde Group of the year. We want thank all our member for try to put T3 Records on the map and all our fans for their support and love as the T3 crew is expanding and working on future Projects....

All rights & media reserved by T3 Records & its Associates 2016®.Copyrights © 2007- 2016 by T3 Records®.

Also two Gold plaques for Local motion Band albums Da Coming & Loose Control. And join that status with Platinum marks in Insant Classic. We say thank you to the fans of our music and god bless you all.

Other Accomplishments

Over the years T3 Records has lend itself to various venues of media. Having a partnership with sunrise productions in Japan doing movie and amine scores (Cowboy Bebop the movie) to Cartoon Network Adult Swim. Also been featured in EA Games providing sound tracks and sound coding (NFS Carbon, Red steel 2 & Fifa Wold Cup). And Japan's own hot radio show West Sound give our own Travis Weekes as the new hot producers for 2009, so do not take T3 Records as a lightweight we might not be big everywhere now , but we pack the punches of the heavy hitters.

Albums Produce by T3 Records:

up-todate 08/20/12

Albums: 9

The Breakdown of T3 Records:

Albums Sales:

Albums: Da Comming : 150,950 The Muiscal : 159,235 Unity Sounds: 1,548,140Party Zone: 1,245,001 Music Meet Truth\: 5,060 Losse Control: 125,358R U Ready?: 9,259 Soca Season: 90,437 Instant Classic:1, 757,915

Music Sales:

Top 5 download single:

Total Albums sales: 4,891,355

1. Gett it Shorty Remix - Llyod Ft Nittro, & Slim / Album: Unity Sound ~ 1,103,8302. Hey I Like it - Local Motion Band / Album: Soca Season ~ 837,5903. 10 Million - Dynimte MC / Album: R U Ready? ~ 801,9434. Party - Tigga Ft Sparga Benz / Album: Unity Sound ~ 678,3465. Hit Em wit Da Bass - Tigga Ft Roine, Omari, Kaz ~ 448,367

Regional Spotlight:

USA: 9%

Eruope: 55%

Asia: 15%

Cribbean: 3 %

S. & C. America 5%

Africa: 1%

Canada: 10%

Other: 2%

Last Update: 2/01/2016


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