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Rising Hip Hop and R& B Stars from Central North CarolinaAlso the place to buy their latest music.

Bull City Productions.

Reggae Sound

Where you can get the Latest mix cd in Ragge, Dance hall, & Soca .Inlcuding mix cd from T3 Crew, Crown prince , M.V.P , Loud MouthBlack Chiney, Max Glazer, Lexus, & Bam Bam.

My X Radio

Bring the latest & hottest Raggae, Soca & DanceHall to net.As they bring the Caribbean to you, Being the premier online radio site.

Radio Tempo FM

Bring the latest & hottest music to net. Being one of the Biggest Radio Stations in Europe. They bring the World to Europe & Euorpe to the World. Being the premier online radio site.

YTB Travel Agency

Need a place to find discount Travel tickets by air , land, or sea.Check out YTB Travels online where you will find only great rates on airfare, cruises & vaction packages. Compared to Expedia & Travelocity. YTB Travels online your gate to the world.

To get the full T3 Album Track list, hear, & share the great music from T3 Records to your Facebook , YouTube & BlackPlanet pages.

T3 Records on Facebook & MySpace

Federation Sound


Federation sound bring you the hottest Reggae, Dance Hall mix from the our camp. As show our star power of our riddims, dubs and mixes in the reggae community

SONY BMG Music Entertainment UK & Ireland is part of one of the largest music and entertainment companies in the world. It has a broad array of local artists and international superstars, as well as a vast catalogue comprising of some of the most important recordings in history.


The new power house in entertainment from New York. As they produce music, videos, and latest graphic design & marketing. Also local artist check out their recording studios to give the edge in your music or to get you demos notice"A STRONG MOVEMENT PICKING UP SPEED

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Where you can get the Latest Cds from T3 Crew- Shuffle Alliance, Tigga MonLocal Motion Band, BCP,UGI. ALso Check iTunes & Amazon for your music purchase

“Breathe to Think,” an open forum from which performing artists display. BTT consists of: Open mic, feature business man or woman spotlight, feature poets, musicians, comedians and vocalists.

Breathe to think



Online clothing store and empowerment website which features original stylish T-shirts designs for females of all ages. We feature butterflies and positive images in our T-shirt logos and designs promoting self beauty with poems and word of encouraging to promote great self-esteam.

T3 Records is a proud sponsor

Fisher House

Being there for the comfort of the needes of military families & veterans. 


Da place for gREAT music