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T3 Radio Show

Radio T3:


Radio Station Listing & Time:

86.3 KFM- UK 10:00pm105.1 VIRGIN - UK 10:00pm96.3 KKVON- UK 11:00pm104.8 TRANCE FM -UK 1:00 AM87.2 KISS-FRANCE 1:00 am94.3 DON - FRANCE 12:00am101.9 YDR - FRANCE 11:00pm1007 TEMPO FM- GERMANY 11:00pm93.5 GSL - GERMANY11:00pm99.9 SMOOTH- GERMANY 11:00 pm86.7 WBBL - BELGIUM 12:00 am100.7 GTRY- BELGIUM 11:00 pm95.2 GKTFM -SWEDEN 11:00 pm PLS*96.6 QFM PORTUGAL 11:00 pm PLS*102.1 LPFM- ITALY 12:00 am103.6 LOVE- SPAIN 2:00 am90.8 RHUFM -DENMARK 10:00 pm PLS*98.9 GFM- DENMARK 11:00 pm

Epic Rap Battles of History:


Europe FM:

Thanks to the fans and their love for our music, T3 Records has carved an hour & half into the radio waves aorund the world. For one hour and half you can hear the best that T3 Records has to offer in music, social topics and also indie artists. Every 3rd Saturday Tigga & Co-host Korie R. will bring you greatest indie music in Hip - Hop, RnB, Soca Techno, Reggae etc. & touch on great social topics of our time.



80.0 TOKYO FM - JAPAN 11:00pm76.1 INTER FM- JAPAN 9:00 pm86.9 KISS FM -JAPAN 12:00 am PLS*85.1 FM OSAKA- JAPAN 11:00 pm99.3 MUSIC FM - HONG KONG 1:00 am PLS*106.6 RADIO 5 - HONG KONG 9:00 pm97.5 FM4U -SOUTH KOREA 11:00


98.3 BOOM FM TORONTO CAN. 11:00 pm105 CHRY TORONTO CAN. 12:00 am88.9 SHAW RALEIGH NC - 11:00PM PLS*105.1 PARTY FM NY -1:00 am88.1 WCWP -BROOKVILLE NY 12:00 am102.1 MAJIC HOUSTONTX 1:00 am107.1 k300AO FM SAN FAN CALF. 11:00 pm88.6 JUD FM LA CALF 12:00 am PLS*88.5 RADIO X MIAMI FL 11:00 pm PLS *99.3 WEDR MIAMI FL 11:00 pm90.1 WUSB -SUFFOLK NY 11:00 pm


106.8 CLUBE FM BRAZIL(SAN PALO) 10:00 pm95.6 DBC BRAZIL (SAN PALO) 10:00 pm PLS*97.0 FM 97 BRAZIL (RIO) 9:00 pm107.3 NOVA TEMPO FM BRAZIL (RIO) 11:00 pm100.3 FM UNIVERSEL ARGENTINA 1:00 am PLS*

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This Month Radio Show

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January: BillFebruary: AbeMarch: EinsteinApril: KhanMay/June: ShakespareJuly: Mario BrosAugust: LeaonidasSeptember/ October: Mr RogersNovember: AbeDecember: Santa

January: S. HolmrsFebruary: HitlerMarch: BethoveenApril: Babe RuthMay/June: C. EastwoodSeptember/ October: GandhiNovember /December: Mozart

This Month Radio Topic

For listeners who just want to hear the topic segment of the show. Also checkout this segment on our YouTube page

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This Month Words of Empowerment

Twenty- sixteen has finally arrived.A year of new beginnings, the year of the horse, new hope, a new life.A fresh start, forgiven apologies, new romances, and eager hearts. A second chance at life.A never ending tunnel with a closed exit finally before you open wide.A welcoming light beckons you shining bright.A lantern flickering ahead held by an angel with an answered prayer, placed in your life to be your guide.Yes, my friend twenty- fourteen has lots in store for you and a lot of exciting, new beginnings.Could be that house you want, a new car, the birth of your child, a marriage, a new job, you’ll never know what you’re winning.The most important thing is to let twenty- fourteen open a door or unlock your cell, making it your new beginning. Like a cocoon to a butterfly, preparing for its journey, don’t be afraid, just trust your wings and fly.

January: PutinMay: JoanJuly: GokuSept: Bill GatesNov: King


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