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What New & Shows

What's New:

Radio T3 what new for 2016.

LET 2016 BE THE TIME TO SHINE FOR EVERYONE.Don’t forget to check out our album page for new music and photos of the T3 Crew, & Contact page for links to buy our music Single & Albums.

Shows & Tour Dates:

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Album page:

T 3 Records is happy to let know the album page has been updated with new song, videos & pictures.Also the page has under go some changes to make it faster to load your favorite media.

For 2016 Radio T3 is back with new topics, new epic rap battles, new music and a brand new Co- Host Korie Richards of Passionate Butterfly. Listen as Tigga & Korie bring infromed opinon, experience, knowledge, & facts about the big social topics. Check out more info on the T3 Radio page.

For 2016 check out our new music videos @ the Album Page as Shuffle Alliance is now marking head way back in to the main stream of the music world.

New Music Videos:

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15 Years in the making:

It has been 10 long years that Local Motion Band has been jaming under T3 Records & have been producing great music for the worldwide market. Being a small band has been very rough at the beginning with no big financial backing & no big label influence. But in the end it allowed the artist of LMB to be free in their muisc & express their soul & love for the art. Now 15 year later Local Motion Band has span their reach & have been praise in their music & performed as far Japan & France for our unquie style in our music. LMB also not a one genre Band, as they have expand from just Soca an mix in Reggae & Techno in their Music.

New Artist

For 2016 we have re-enlist a old friend of T3 Records to back and help us show the world who we are. Take a look below.

Also for 2016 Radio T3 is expanding not only with new stations & new counties, but with a new page on YouTube. so check it out. 


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